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After completing restoration of a '73 CB450, I set sites on something a little bigger with some artistic bent to it. A fan of the older British Style bike, BSA.Vincent, Norton etc. decided on my own design spin. My partner has got the mechanical skills, I am the concept/restoration side of it. So we started on the CB650.

A fairly boring bike for design, but a perfect bike to take apart. Without boring forums members about 1920s-style engine plates and custom blended paints a la early 50s Honda Dream, we are having some fun with this one. Just for the sake of comparison I think we did a decent job on the headlight/controls side of things. The before photo is on the left. Right is the redesigned triple tree clamp, headlight bucket, speedometer. Some cutting, filing, paint removal, painting ensued. The bike's colour scheme is red, gloss black with silver pin stripping.

I became the mistress of cleaning/polishing, now I am trying my hand at painting. This is a few months from completion, but it's -1C here in frosty Nova Scotia Canada. Next few days I take the wire harness apart and look for defectives. I am relocating the fuse box to the remnants of the tool box along with ignition being mounted to the frame below the left handle bar.


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