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Looking for some recommendations. I’ve had an XG750 for less than a year (1st bike) and I love it. However I am ready for something bigger.
The XG750 has been my daily rider and want this next one to be the same. I commute to base via ci hotmail.comty streets and highway with a pack on the sissy bar, and on the weekends I like to like to go for casual rides and sometimes take the wife as a pax for a date.
Done some research and I like the Fat Bob and Lowrider (2013-2016) with the TC103. Looking for one that wont struggle on the highways but still maneuverable enough for urban environment. The used models are generally within my price range and I like the classic black/chrome look. Not interested in Sportsters.
I’m going to test ride this weekend. But want to make sure I’m not completely off the mark with my search.
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