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Real Fire

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Here's a shot of my bike, painted last summer.


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Nice paint man, wish I could afford to have something like that on the bike
LOVE flames!!!!I think they are very classic.I think sometimes the real fire flames when not done right tend to look more like swiss cheese.
SIck flames on the bike and the car looks sex too!
As the poster above said...those aren't flames that's real fire!
Man that is just sweet as all hell. My chief would look awesome with that on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow those are both friggin awesome, I'd love to have something like that on my bike, or truck or even bicycle :)
Dang I was expecting the skull for the headlight, chains for the front fork, fire was all over, you know, Ghostrider's bike :)

Very nice!

you should do it. This paint looks awesome now, but with the chaines, and skull it'd be beyond awesome.
That willy's looks awesome. I could only hope to paint that good someday
you do some hellacious work. looks great on both applications
That must have been a long tedious task. Great work
This is amazing. How much difficulty is there in shrinking the fire from the size that looks good on a car to the size necessary for the small area of a bike? I imagine it seems to look better on the car because you have a hood sized canvas to work on.
I have never been a big fan of flames, but those are well done. Very good job.
yeah I like the real fire too, as long as it's not like this

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never seen a bike burnout like that!!
I think I will stick with the paint kind of flames they don't hurt as much and they don't leave scars either.
That is the best flame job I have seen in quite a while.
I agree It does need a skull but that would be copy right infringement:D:D

Please just keep that bike away from the volunteer fire men they are just learning so they are aching for a chance to use there hoses and those flames might just fool them.:D
never seen a bike burnout like that!!
hehe it was a stunt show, you can see the ambulance in the background. I was just being an ass about the "real flames" :D just playin around......
I love how bored the guy in the back of the ambulance looks. Like he sees burning dudes on motorcycles all the time.
i know goliath..was just f ing w/u2..hard 2 get your dirt bike 2 do a good dragstrip burnout in the grass:rolleyes:
21 - 40 of 48 Posts
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