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I recently bought a 2012 VStar 950 non-touring version. I have added oem saddlebags, quick-release sissy bar, and quick-release windshield buying used from ebay, etc, functionally turning this bike into the Touring model.

Because all these options were from separate sources, I now have 4 different keys: 1 for the ignition/tank, one for both saddlebags, one for the sissy bar quick release, and one for the windshield quick release.

I'd like to rekey all the accessory cylinders to the ignition/tank. I used to install doorknobs for new home construction and frequently had to re-key those, so I have experience, but i the cylinders on the motorcycle look to be a bit different. I'm wondering if it's possibly to buy a keying kit or if anyone has any advice? The local smith can do it for $20/lock, which isn't too bad for $80 total, but i figure i could probably buy a kit for ~that price and do it myself.
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