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Too late to help you now but the cell phone picture issue has been solved, my iPhone syncs to the cloud constantly so as long as there is cell coverage the pictures are backed up right away. If I'm out of coverage for the day it syncs up when it can, if nothing else when I'm stopped for the night and connected to wifi at the hotel etc.
Losing everything should be a thing of the past.

Maybe this will help refresh your memory... I don't think it's changed much :)

I wish I had the photos to post. I don't take enough photos when I'm out riding, but the ones I took, I took with my cell phone. Which is okay as long as I don't lose the phone.
Last year I finally bought a digital camera because I lost another cell phone and all the pictures that were in it. Now I have all these "photographs" in my memory but I can't show them to anyone. ?
Riding alone and traveling alone does have it's drawbacks. My wife rarely loses anything. She probably still has her first Cricket cell phone. ?


1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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