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Don Imus, the broadcast provocateur who was a staple of morning drive-time radio for decades, died on Friday in College Station, Texas, after being hospitalized on Christmas Eve. He was 79.

Full article here

Now where y'all going to get riled up with?

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I used to listen to Imus In The Morning on WNBC in New York
in the early seventies. He was actually pretty funny then.
The funniest bit that I remember with him....
He would do some bit where he'd have listeners call in and
do their live "auditions" for whatever wacky thing they came
up with, sing a song, do an imitation of someone, etc.
His standard schtick was to listen to them for a few
seconds, then say "Yeah, right" and hang up on them.
One morning a guy called and Imus said, "And what do you
do?". The guy said " I do an imitation of Lassie, but I need
your help." Imus of course replied, "What do I have to do?"
The guy said "Be a tree" and hung up on Imus.
Imus was laughing so hard for the next ten minutes or so
that all he could do was play commercials and records.
He walked right into it, never saw it coming.
It took him quite some time to regain his composure!!!
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