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Hi chaps,

Bit of a disaster story im afraid but hoping for some suggestions from the experts here.

My 2009 R1 had a new battery (non-OEM) and a new solenoid to fix a starter issue. that sorted the problem but a few months later something shorted by the battery and melted a cable.

Having quenched the small fire under my ass and burnt 8000 calories pushing the damn thing home, ive replaced both live and negative cables and installed yet another solenoid but the bike is not able to start.

So... ignition is working as expected, needle does its thing but when hitting the start button the needle does its thing again as if its acting like the ignition. No clicking when starting and its not even trying to turn over, needle just moves to top and back.

Any ideas what i should check / test to see where the problem is?

Thanks all.

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