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if you loosten it. make sure you tyten it.
but if you take it loose, double check to make it tight enough.

IF you can't afford a torque wrench, know your strength.

1. take your wrench and put it in a fish weigher or the like, to test your strength,
learn where 10 lbs is when you pull learn where 20 lbs is when you pull, you will find that good professional torque wrenches are very innaccurate....(sometimes)
Used Good Old Torque Wrenches
-UGOTW-(for texters) are sometimes so far off, that the bolts come out.

I like the body weight system, if you weigh 200, and you apply half your weight, you have applied 100 lbs, a quarter your weight is 50 and so on.
I never trust my body weight...I always use my UGOTW. If it fails me, its my own fault. Wade likes the finger method...(don't strip it method(DSIM)
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