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Despite the screen name, I bought a 2007 Yamaha 1300 VStar recently. I've been pretty happy so far with the light but I'm doing a bit of commuting when its dark and I'm thinking I want something besides cobra pipes and a stock light to let sleepy drivers know I am here. Is the best light a LED? Is there an inexpensive light upgrade or add-on people have had success with? I've had a couple of close calls since the year turned and my horn is a joke so I'm pretty sure I want to try something.

Thanks in advance.

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Bringing my car modding experience to the table here in this:

There are a few ways to go about this. The best way is to replace the entire headlamp housing with a LED replacement housing. This is what my old Buell Blast had. These can be bright and focused, however they will have minimal glare. They also look modern and some designs will also come with nifty daytime running lights. The downside is that these things aren't the cheapest mods on the block.

Another way is to get a drop in LED bulb. If you know what to look for, you can find some really powerful bulbs for decent money. This is what I did with that Honda Rebel I had. The problem here is that a strong LED bulb (in my case, an 8000lm CREE) in a reflector housing can be more blinding than the Sun. Somehow after adjusting the headlight bucket down this was no longer an issue for me. Your mileage *will* vary.

Another way, you can try going the HID route. HIDs are an older tech compared to LEDs, however there are reflector housing-specific HIDs out there. When properly installed they shouldn't have much more glare than Halogen, however they'll let you see further. Of course, HIDs can be taxing on a some bikes' electrical systems (YMMV) and you may have to hide a ballast somewhere, so it may not be the best option.

And finally, you could keep with Halogen, but change out your reflector housing for a projector. This allows you to have better focused light but not blind people and I think projector kits are cheaper than LED kits.

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2 ideas
One is just get a replacement LED bulb in your reflector, I have had good luck with OPT7 bulbs, they are better than a lot of them on the market but there are many, avoid the really cheap ones though. I did this with my Vstar 650 and also on my Victory Vision. Like MissM said you might have some glare issues but you will have far more light.

Another option is to get a replacement LED assy that fits in your headlight bucket, these come in a few different sizes to fit most buckets, they give you a very focused, very bright projector type of beam for a reasonable price. Wisamic is a decent brand and a good value, daymaker is probably better but costs big bucks. Your call.

Here is the 5 3/4 that my wife put in her Scout, they also make a 7", I'm not sure which fits your bike.

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Do not know why that posted before complete.
There are ribbon, fan and fanless LEDs.
Some use "control boxes" some do not. and have good reputations and can be helpful.
Advrider has several threads on Evitek (sp?) old and new version bulbs.
I looked at Ironwalls H4on e*** after finding recommendations. About $26 no boxes.
Then decided to go fanless with a $19 h4 ($18.96) e*** set. Recommended on FZ1OA forum. Putting bike away so haven't ridden with these yet. They do have "boxes." Native H4 is easiest mounted one $37 single bulb

There are a number of "sealed beam" type inserts headlights with multiple LEDs
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