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pw 80

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got a pw80 for the little one, bought it from a friend, the bike sat for 2yrs, perfect shape. the problem is it runs like it is casterated, alot of times the choke has to be out to keep running. i took the carb off and took it apart and cleaned it. little gummed up. put it back on and it now runs without the choke on. but still casterated. HELP !!!!!!!
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There is a restricter in the exaust. Take the pipe off the cylinder underneath and see if there is a thing in there that looks like a large washer with a hole in it the size of a pencil. Pull it out and reinstall the pipe. Don't loose it in case you have other little kids that might want to ride it later on. I have a PW80 and so far it's been through 2 boys.

If that doesn't do it check the air filter and the silencer to see if its plugged up.
We're thinking about getting a bike for the kids this spring, how old is too tall for the PW80?
I would say if they are over 11 or over 90 pounds they are probably too big.
Damn, they're 11 now. Time to head back to craigslist.
Find like an XR100 or something that size.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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