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Protective finish on new paint.

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I'm planning on painting my bike over the winter. I had asked around town about protective finishes and I was referred to one place up the road from me. I went there and explained that I need a finish that I can apply to protect the paint from any gasoline that might spill on it. The guy tells me that, because I am doin a rattle-can paintjob, there is no way to protect it, and, since it is a rattlecan job, it will look like s*** anyways and I was stupid for even thinking about it. He then tries to convince me to buy a $500 airgun/compressor setup he has in his garage... It was at that point I gave him the one finger salute and walked out the door.

Anyways... I need a protective finish for the paintjob I am doin. Does anyone know of a product that they would recommend that would give good protection against gasoline? I know a rattle can can do an excellent job if done right. (seen a few outstanding finishes done that way. I'm sure even some here have done it too)
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I found this catalyzed clear coat by spray max for $20 a can. From what I understand about it, the catalyst is what hardens it like a professional paint job which protects from the gas.

Here's what they have to say about it.

This clearcoat has a self contained hardener right in the can. Once the hardener is activated (by pressing down on the special pin on the bottom of the can), the hardener is released. By shaking the can for approximately two minutes, you now have an catalyzed clearcoat in a spray can which dries hard and shiny. You will not need to use rubbing compound with this product. The product must be used within 24 hours after activation.

This formula contains Isocyanates and is very toxic so don't even think about spraying this product without proper respiratory protection! Make sure you use a protective respirator designed for Isocyanates. The respirators we sell on the site are approved for use with this paint.

We only recommend professionals purchase this product with spraying experience as once it is sprayed, it cannot be easily removed!

To fix any imperfections (i.e. dust, drips, etc.) wait at least two days and you can use rubbing compound.

You should be able to find it online and maybe at your local paint store. Hope this helps
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