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Protective finish on new paint.

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I'm planning on painting my bike over the winter. I had asked around town about protective finishes and I was referred to one place up the road from me. I went there and explained that I need a finish that I can apply to protect the paint from any gasoline that might spill on it. The guy tells me that, because I am doin a rattle-can paintjob, there is no way to protect it, and, since it is a rattlecan job, it will look like s*** anyways and I was stupid for even thinking about it. He then tries to convince me to buy a $500 airgun/compressor setup he has in his garage... It was at that point I gave him the one finger salute and walked out the door.

Anyways... I need a protective finish for the paintjob I am doin. Does anyone know of a product that they would recommend that would give good protection against gasoline? I know a rattle can can do an excellent job if done right. (seen a few outstanding finishes done that way. I'm sure even some here have done it too)
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Dont spray that stuff through any sprayer you actually care about....I can imagine its a real Beyotch to clean out....not to mention if it dries in there you might as well toss the sprayer in the garbage can.
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