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As long as you can keep the elements off your bike, generally speaking it will be okay – I’ve stored mine (different setting, different bike) just under a decent cover because that was all I had – had to knock the snow off in the spring, but it fired right up when I put the battery back… rust usually gets started when you have something that traps moisture on bare metal, so some sort of ventilation is good – it ain’t a boat, so don’t store in in shrink-wrap (modern boats get away with that because they are mostly synthetics and stainless steel…). Also for goodness sake, don’t store it with ethanol gas in it – if you have to run to the next state (or country) to get ethanol free, do it – and run a tank through so none of the corn-mash is in the carb/injectors/lines… the stabilizers work for a while, but in that race, ethanol almost always wins, especially if you don’t get back to the bike for longer than you expect… fog the cylinders if you expect months under the cover... Those little temporary garage things like you’d use to park a lawn-tractor and the like seem to work… good ones seem sturdy enough to take a modest load of snow, but allows ventilation – and you can even get in to inspect if you want… but I agree a hard shed or garage extension is the best. Don’t forget the battery – battery tender, or take it out of the bike for prolonged layup – whatever…
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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