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proper etiquette

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ok so im going to try to keep this one shorter than the last lol. When looking for a new sport bike, what is proper etiquette when looking I did a prelim look at some sport bikes at the kawasaki dealer and when I sat on the zx-10 the salesman popped out from behind his desk like he was on fire. He ran up to me and yelled at me to "watch my belt buckle!" funny thing was I wasnt wearing a belt. So I quickly got off the bike and when I asked about rideing the ninja he gave me a brochure and not so subtly showed me the door. Did I violate some unwritten rule about not test driving bikes before buying? I feel like before I spend 9k + On a new bike and gear I want to ride it ya know?
I don't know fill me in before I go to the Yamaha dealer. But the kawi dealership expierience was enough for me to decide not to get a ninja.
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His actions were totally rediculous! Next time some clown pulls that on you, ask him if it's a dealership or a museum, and does he wish to sell a bike or have people just come and look at them. I asked my salesman if I could sit on the bike I bought, and he said just that, this is a dealership, not a museum, so have at it. At the same time, I'm sure lots of people come in and sit on them just to see how they look. The first clue you might have had was that nobody came to talk to you. When that happens to me, I walk up to the salesman who's ignoring me and tell him I came to buy a bike, but evidently, he's not interested, and I walk out the door. I walked into a Kawi shop with $20,000 in $100 bills in my pockets, and the guy was really snotty to me. His mouth dropped open when I showed him the cash, but his face fell when I told him I didn't tolerate that type of treatment from anyone and walked out. There are really great dealers out there, and you just happened to walk into the wrong one.
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NV, there might be another possibility. Maybe he thought he had someone just off the north 40 acres and took the price tag away so he could jack the price. Who knows! I just walked into a dealership and wanted to buy a $1,400 trailer and $300 hitch from him. He just sat and looked at me. I walked back out. I don't understand their attitude, because when I walked into the Harley dealer's in Osage Beach, MO, the guy was so friendly that I told him, even though my wife hates bikes, I'm sure he could have convinced her to let me buy a new Harley. Different people, I guess.
Coyote has a good point. The dealer I dealt with sold Suzukis AND Harleys. Every one of the guys, including the owner, were really nice to me. They knew I didn't think Harleys were worth the money, and one of them even agreed with me. In spite of that, they were calm and patient and stuck right with me. That's why I still go there to buy my assessories. When I went to the exclusive Suzuki dealer to check my wiring on my tail light, I told the person there it was a C90T, and he thought it was a 4-wheeler. I didn't go back. What's more, the Harley dealer had prices on all bikes for sale, and I had to ask the Suzuki dealer, and then he gave me a wrong price. So, in spite of riding a Suzuki, I stick with the Harley dealer. In case anyone's close, it's Yeager Harley in Sedalia, MO. They're really good people.
I know what a cold blooded bike is. I had a 550 Suzuki that was that way. When I took my test, I made a short tight turn, and the darned thing stalled on me. I went down right at the feet of the examiner. I looked up and said, "I guess this means I flunked." He said, "Yep", and walked away. I went home very embarrassed.
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