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proper etiquette

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ok so im going to try to keep this one shorter than the last lol. When looking for a new sport bike, what is proper etiquette when looking I did a prelim look at some sport bikes at the kawasaki dealer and when I sat on the zx-10 the salesman popped out from behind his desk like he was on fire. He ran up to me and yelled at me to "watch my belt buckle!" funny thing was I wasnt wearing a belt. So I quickly got off the bike and when I asked about rideing the ninja he gave me a brochure and not so subtly showed me the door. Did I violate some unwritten rule about not test driving bikes before buying? I feel like before I spend 9k + On a new bike and gear I want to ride it ya know?
I don't know fill me in before I go to the Yamaha dealer. But the kawi dealership expierience was enough for me to decide not to get a ninja.
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ok so that takes car of crappy salesmen and sitting on the bikes but what is the norm for test drives? do they slap a plate on and let ya take it out ? it doesnt seem like they would, but then how do you know if shes the right bike for you without a test drive?
wow thanks for all the responses, I thinki it might have been my age (21) as well Sometimes when im looking at vehicles that gets in the way, when I went to buy the car I own now (03 eclipse GTS) the salesman laughed at me and made some of color joke till he saw my pay stubs lol. anyway im not letting this bad expierience be the only factor in deciding my bike I was already on the edge about ninja's the look isnt my favorite and my ex 500 was horribly cold blooded almost didnt pass my cycle test because it was a cold rainy day and it kept stalling through the intersections. That was just enough to push me over the edge. but I appreciate all the feedback and feel free to check out my new post lol Im always asking questions lol
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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