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proper etiquette

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ok so im going to try to keep this one shorter than the last lol. When looking for a new sport bike, what is proper etiquette when looking I did a prelim look at some sport bikes at the kawasaki dealer and when I sat on the zx-10 the salesman popped out from behind his desk like he was on fire. He ran up to me and yelled at me to "watch my belt buckle!" funny thing was I wasnt wearing a belt. So I quickly got off the bike and when I asked about rideing the ninja he gave me a brochure and not so subtly showed me the door. Did I violate some unwritten rule about not test driving bikes before buying? I feel like before I spend 9k + On a new bike and gear I want to ride it ya know?
I don't know fill me in before I go to the Yamaha dealer. But the kawi dealership expierience was enough for me to decide not to get a ninja.
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One of the reasons I bought a BMW was because of the salesman/dealership. They let me sit on it, they were patient with me and answered all my questions, they helped me customize it and when I was ready to buy, they let me test ride it. In fact, he said there's 1/2 a tank, don't feel like you have to come back anytime soon! :)

I couldn't believe they would let me take it cuz I didn't have an M endorsement on my license. They were very cool and I felt much more comfortable about buying it.

Funny thing is at my local honda dealership, it's like pulling teeth to get someone to talk to me and they usually run off at the slightest notion of something else going on. The Harley dealership is even worse.
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