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I posted in the new members area but figured I'd post in here as well now that I'm allowed.

I got an 03 Z1000 that I love to death, went down with her a couple of times and pretty much rebuilt it, just can't let'er go.

About 4 months ago, she threw a rod, so I had to replace the engine, which I did and everything was great, had to smoke it out as I put marvel magic oil in the cylinders to help clean stuff out, oil was milky when it came, etc. etc.

Did compression test and pressurized the coolant side, all was well, checked valve clearance, no issues.

So I flushed the oil about 3 times, then put full synthetic high quality oil in it, fresh coolant, you know, the works.

I took it out for a spin this morning and everything was great until I gave it the beans...

After getting the engine hot, fresh fuel, little bit of seafoam to help clean stuff out.

I pretty much got it going near top speed (gotta make sure it's still got it) and afterwards the low oil pressure light came on so I looked at the oil, plenty of oil, changed the oil filter, burped it, checked wiring and it didn't help.

I'm going to try and swap the sensor with the one from my old engine and see if that's it, it was kind of flickering when I was slowing down and then stayed on. When I pull the wire off the sensor, the light goes out as in it's not indicating low pressure, when I put it back on, it says low pressure.

I can do an oil pressure gauge test and all that fun stuff, but I spent 12 hours replacing the engine and I'm not in the mood for anymore of this IT WAS SO GOOD! Then this, no odd sounds, no dryheaving, no nothing to indicate a problem, no drop in RPM's or anything. just the light staying on

Any ideas?
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