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problems starting

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Hi i have a 1983 750 vt shadow and it will start usually when its cold but takes a long time.I just replaced the stator,rectifier had the carbs check and adjusted and put in sync.Problem is i after running it for a long time when i get home and try to restart it it turns over good but will not start.I recently brought my bike into my workshop where its warn.Stated like 12 times in a row.Tried agian and nothing.Im wondering if its my coils or leads or can my starter be faulty even though it turns over fine,Thanks Jeff
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Maybe the choke isn't working. That's where I would start, make sure the choke is adjusted right if it's on a cable.
starting problems

Thank you i was wondering about that.A mechanic told me not to give it any throttle when starting it.But i have tried also to start it with the choke half way, didnt help.So if i have to adjust it do you know how i would do that.Thanks, Jeff
I'm not sure but it should tell you in a service manual.
I own a 83 VT750C and I also had this problem. The fix for me (and many others) was the infamous "3 yellow wire connector". The connector joins the stator to the rectifier and is identified by the 3 yellow wires. (Under the left side cover on the rack.) Most find it corroded or even partially melted. (Although yours is probably new.) Cut it out of the circuit and join the wires with compression fittings or solder & shrink tubing. Also have your battery checked. Worked for me.
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