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problem with gixxer 1000 clutch

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the clutch on my gixxer 1000 makes a funny noise when i try to lonch it. It also makes the bike vibrate and it is almost like a grinding noise.
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I would have to be there to see and hear what it's doing to be able to come even remotely close to telling you whats wrong.
If you are launching your bike a lot, you have probably already trashed the clutch. Take it to a shop.
Thanks guys and no I don't lonch it allot. It is like a vibration when I try to lonch it.
Sounds like a bad clutch or chain and sprocket to me.
It only does it from a dead stop, I will get the clutch checked out, but I don't think it is the chain or sprockets. Thanks again
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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