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I ran out one morning headed to work, hopped on my bike, turned the key, it was still dark so the lights shined beautifully, hit the starter button to hear that rumble.

A bad starter button isnt a big deal. In my case that day I had to get to work and my bikes are my only mode of transportation. Seeing how I have the 500 just a frame on the jig, I ran for my tools.

The starter button on the handlebars is the one I'm referring to, (just to clear up any miscommunication.)

Pop the casing off by undoing the 2 screws coming from the bottom. Inside there will be two more screws, these being much smaller, holding the button and wires down. Take those out and pull the button out, it will seperate into 2 pieces, each having connections on them.

Sometimes just cleaning these connections will put you back in business, but it didn't work in my case so I had to move on.

On the bottom piece, the connections that move when the button is pressed I located the starter signal wire, I know on hondas its the yellow and red wire, found on the brake side of the unit. I ran a jumper wire to the connection that will touch the yellow and red if pressed, she cranked immediatly.

I had to lift the connector to help it make the connection i need to crank. I did this by cutting five strands out of electrical wire, wound them up tightly and shoved them under the connector. Cut off the excess and I'm ready to roll.

As always, its best to just order new but sometimes you gotta roll and I hope this helps someone get back in the road.


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