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I am looking for a CI box for a 1987 Suzuki Intruder VS1400GL. My son bought one and it has a funky cdi set up that we think is off a Honda! It will only run on one cylinder. My son has came down with some rare auto-immune disease and I am trying to get his bike running for him. He's in the hospital right now and can not get me the VIN# yet so I am not sure which model it is yet. (MODEL H, MODEL J, or one of these, MODEL L/M/N/P/R/S) He really want this bike to run. Was hoping I could get it running before Christmas for him but I can not find a CDI box for it. Not sure of the connecting pins.

Was wondering if a newer model CDI would work if it is for a VS1400. I found one for a 96-03.
The numbers on it are, 32900-38B50. The numbers for the 87 model are, MODEL H 32900-38B00, MODEL J 32900-38B10, or one of these, MODEL L/M/N/P/R/S 32900-38B30.

I think I can get a hold of his mom(we're divorced) and see if I can get her to give me the vin# tonight. I know that will help me.(Maybe!)
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