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>Suzuki M109R

Rode it on a demo day...hated it!

The good:
+Tons of power

The bad:
-It's a straight line bike.
-Huge rear tire = poor cornering at low speeds.
--right out of the dealers lot, first hard right turn, felt like I was heading for the ditch at 10mph...had to fight the bike around that corner.
-Very uncomfortable on my back after ~15 minutes of riding.
-Bike fought me constantly, only in a straight line did I feel like a part of the machine.
-Not a small guy need size and muscle to move this thing around.


Boulevard C90

WOW! Rode it and almost bought in on the spot...wonderful machine!


Street Rod
>Read up on it before you buy. Never ridden one, but the Harley folks I know would never own one. I've heard you have to pull the engine from the bike in order to change the spark plugs....NO THANKS!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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