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Hi guys, I’m hoping someone can help and shed some light on my problem below.

I’ve just bought an 81 250 which has been completely overhauled and looks mint. Only done 1700 original miles as it was I a barn for 35 year. Anyway, haven’t ridden it for a couple of weeks (occasional Sunday spinner as I have. Trophy for every day) and when I turned key on there as no neutral light. Checked all wires and nothing. Finally married it down to the relay bolt inside the engine case. Cleaned it as it was grubby, took small screw out and shorted wire to outside of bolt. Neutral light came on fine. Decided that’s the fault so proceeded to remove bolt. On the last thread it FLEW out, followed by a good gallon or so of petrol. I turned the tap off but it kept coming. Looks like there was already all that petrol in there. How did it happen, how can I fix it? Any ideas as I’m not sure of how this bike operates yet.

regards, Steve
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