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We rented one of these 2F1R three-wheelers on Isla Mujeres. A few comments:

It had no reverse. You reversed by getting out and pushing, or hanging a leg out and Fred Flintstoning it.

Since the turning radius was lousy (more than the width of the 2-lanes on the island) you had to continually plan ahead or find driveways/interstections in which to flyp a bytch.

It was considerably faster (top end) than the golfcarts, similar to the scooters albeit with less acceleration. 150cc motor?

Alignment was poor, constantly lurched to one side or the other. I assume that could be fixed with a little toe-in. But a real blast in the corners. Never felt at risk of flipping it.

Ingress/Egress was definitely challenging for old souls. We found ourselves wishing we'd just rented a golf cart the 10th time or so we got in and out of it.

Our particular unit had a heat shield rattling insanely.....rather irritating.

Tiny "trunk" with No useable storage. Couldn't haul as much on/in it as you can a moped on the floorboards.

All in all, it was a blast to drive. Since there are only a half dozen on the island it attracted a whole lot of attention. Add a reverse gear (electric?) to make up for the limited turning radius and it would be a lot more enjoyable.

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Just looked at the website.
It doesn't say how heavy it is, but even with a 150cc engine, I doubt it would go very fast.
There is also a 50cc version available. That one probably couldn't get out of it's own way.
Fuel capacity is one gallon. Not much of a range on a gallon.
They say 80 to 90 miles to the gallon. I doubt it.
My Honda Trail 90 bike barely gets that.
Looks like a one piece molded plastic body, although they don't say on the website.
Since the website mentions "Fleet Operations", it seems
like it was intended for exactly what you guys were using it for, riding around resort
areas, never too far or too fast.

P.S. I believe that they do say that it's made in the USA, which is unusual these days.
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