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We have completed the build on our new CBX Titanium. Our shop is Imagine! Vehicles International. You can see images of our bike on our website.

These are the stats of our new bike:

IVI CBX Titanium

-Engine: 1150cc big bore kit with Falicon crank/rods, Wiseco pistons, Kibblewhite valves/springs
-Carburetors: factory, rejetted and polished by Oldschoolcarbs.
-Sprockets/Chain: 520 conversion, RK chain and rear, Krueger & Junginger, Germany, front.
-Headlight: LED Haley Davidson Corp
-Wheels: Carbon by Dymag
-Brakes: Front- EBC Vee- Rotors, EBC Double H Pads; Rear-Galfer Wave
-Frame and body: Steel tubing and Billet Aluminum Spars by IVI, Steel body by IVI, Billet housing by IVI
-Paint: Northwest Paint
-Rear suspension: Ohlin’s
-Front Suspension: KYB
-Upholstery: Gabe’s
-Controls and mirrors: Rizoma, Italy -
-Instruments: GPS-Legendary Motorcycles
-Tires: Pirelli Diabolo Rosso II
-Battery: 12 Cell Moty Design
-Exhaust: 6 into 6 Titanium by IVI
-Ignition: Dynatek

Let us know what you think !!
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