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So all week my foot has been bugging me. particularly my ankle has felt a bit junky. I got new work boots not long ago with are 6 inch as opposed to the shorter boot I was using for a year. I figured the boot style was just causing some discomfort, but after a week of not much better I figured out what was hurting me.

It's been extra rainy and sloppy at my workplace so I have been dragging my foot SIDEWAYS to keep my bike up through the various twists turns and shifts as I ride through the muck.

I emphasize sideways because this has caused me to hyper-extend some muscle or ligament in my ankle region.

Learn from my mistake and point your toe forward and heel drag in extra choppy stuff, otherwise your toe may turn too much and ouch your foot.

Probably also worth taking note that im riding in 6" boots when I go to work. Ankle support is very important when riding and my 8" typical riding boot has provided me with much more.
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