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Hey, I'm looking to buy a new dirt Bike and seeking advice if Orion/Atomik is a trusted and quality brand
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Never heard of 'em either.

Alright if I said it once I said it a thousand times, get a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, or Kawasaki for an off road bike.You'll pay more but the piece of mind is worth it. Even if you buy one used you know you're goona be able to get parts for it a week from now to at least 10 years from now. Getting parts for off brand bikes and 4 wheelers is dicey at best right now. I would wait and see if that company has a dealer near by, a real dealer not someone who bought a "dealer pack" off Ebay. If the guy says he can get you everyday wear parts like brakes and cable in a week walk away, those things should be on stock. I got burned once and i won't do it again no matter how good the price. I can get parts for the one I got but it's tough.

I'm not slammin' all imports because some are good but usually they are the ones that have dealers set up here with parts support, parts on hand, and all. I take it you are in Austrailia so hopefully it's different there for imports then it is here.

I looked up Atomik for some reason they have pictures of a Raptor660 and a CRF on their site, kinda misleading and Im sure Yamaha and Honda wouldn't be pleased with them using images of their products. The engine looks like a knock off of the Honda 50 engine and the 150's looks a lot like the old 125 Honda motors. They are copies, so I can't say they are just like the Honda engine. orion is about the same. If ya really want a pit bike pick up a Thumpstar. I do know they have dealer support.

If it is at an actual dealer you might be ok.
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