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Traded a motorcycle...

In 2015 I upgraded from a Honda 750 shadow to an 09 Victory Vision. I was taking longer rides with buddies and really loving it. However, work brought us back to Fort Worth in 2016, and I found myself with more around town riding.

Back story, my first bike was in 1984ish and was a Honda Ascot, a v twin, water cooled and shaft drive starter bike. I then traded for a 1985 ish Honda V45 Sabre. It was a sport-tourer, v4 water cooled and shaft drive. I had the Honda full fairings and lower on it. I absolutely loved that bike. I love the v4 in that config.

Back to recently...I was finding the Vision cumbersome for around town. I wanted to add bluetooth to it and was finding that problematic, especially with the demise of Victory and lack of support. I wandered into a Honda dealership one day and found this

A CTX 1300- V4, water cooled and shaft drive. Love it!


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That's a nice bike, I've heard nothing but good about them. Good luck with it!

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I have the 2014 CTX1300D also:grin: Mine is black and has some added accessories tacked on. I bought it new a little over a year ago and it has right at 4,000 miles on it.:grin:

It reminds me of the Goldwings I've owned but with the feelings of less 'bulk.'

I only wish it had a 6 speed gearbox. Well, cruise control and a real advanced stereo system like my recently past 2012 Goldwing did would be nice too.:wink2:

I like the Blue:smile_big:

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