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...Two steps back.
Rolled out of the shop around noon for the first ride of the season.
Yee Ha!
And then it started....
A horrible noise from the rear end of the bike. Sounded like all hell
was breaking loose under there.
Wasn't sure if it was a wheel bearing or a tire rubbing on something....
or something else.
Anyway, put on about 15 miles listening to this trying to figure out what
it was.
Suddenly it hit me! I had forgotten to tighten the Jesus bolt, the one that
holds the rear brake caliper bracket to the swingarm!!!
So, back to the shop and take it all apart again.
(Goldwing. Lot's of plastic to remove)
Sure enough, I hadn't tightened that bolt at all!!.....
...But that wasn't the cause of the noise!!
Turns out that the new tire on the rear is about 3/8ths of an inch
taller than the one I was using, and the tire is rubbing on the plastic
under the rear fender somewhere. The tire rubbing on that hard plastic
echoes through the whole bike. That noise isn't just annoying, it's
scary! Nothing serious though.
If I add lots of air to the rear air suspension and raise the bike
up, the noise goes away.
I'll figure it out tomorrow morning.

But.....if that tire had NOT been rubbing, I would never have remembered
that I didn't tighten the brake mount bolt!!

One of those days.....

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For this reason I always use my shop manual and follow the on and offness of it so that I don't miss things and double checking the torque and other things as I go, due to forgetting things. I learned to start doing that when I was in the Air Force and never stopped doing it in spite if I know what I am doing or not. Glad you found both issues and had no bad memories to live through.
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