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Annoying as hell----not widely enough used to be understood by motorists, or even cyclists----maybe not the best idea for folks who do not like to draw attention to themselves---very non-traditional...............NEVERTHELESS, extremely effective in turning you from invisable to visible. WHAT IT IS: THE HEADLIGHT MODULATOR. Gotta go that route. Just from my own experience, based on my own reaction to seeing one there is no question in my mind that they WORK. Your eyes are involentarily drawn to a modulating headlight no matter how far away. A cursury scan of the distant horizon and your eyes will lock on a modulating headlight immediately. Thats enough for me. As they become more common accidents and injurys involving motorcycles are going to come down. Period. I know though, they remain a polarizing topic. Would welcome comments and opinions. Lets see what others have to say.
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Boys, I'm tellin' ya, Everyone should get one.
I agree, with so many cars now having day time running lights, it appears to me that bikes are blending in even more. Here in Northwest Oregon, bikes on the road may be motorcycles as well as bicycles. And I'm noticing that even the bicyclists are adding flashing headlamps to get the attention of the car drivers.

The majority of modulators that my friends and myself have installed, are simple to install. The modulator sits between male and female headlamp plugs and is inserted between the headlamp and its power connector. An important item to note is that the daylight sensor should not be pointed towards lights on the bike or pointed forwards so that on coming headlights fool the sensor into thinking its daylight and start flashing your high beams at the on coming traffic.
There are modulating brake light kits for most cruisers that will convert the function of the rear the turn signals into running lights, brake lights, as well as turn signals. Though you need to change the lens to red. The sport bike crowd have additional options of integrated LED tail light turn signal replacements. I took a easy route replacing the 1157 brake light bulb on my C50 with a self modulating bulb that has a halogen bulb, that when the brakes are applied, the light pulses rapidly, then slows and then a steady bright illumination.
I bought something for the back brake but it involves spicing of wires. I like the bulb changing better but I heard those bulbs do not last very long. How have yours held up?
They provided a spare bulb, but after 3000 miles I'm still on the first bulb.

(sorry to take so long responding. I hadn't looked into this forum for awhile)
Its a Kisan Trailblazer. Here's their link:

No cutting. Just unplug the old bulb and plug in the new one. I have their headlight modulator as well.
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