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Greetings all! I'm Owen (PiperScout) and about a year ago signed up for the "Learn to Ride" course with my 20 y/o daughter. It was taught through the American Eagle Harley dealership in Corinth, Texas (near Denton, just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex). Originally we took it just for the fun of learning how to ride, but by the end of the weekend my daughter asked, "Dad, are we going to buy a motorcycle?" With a bit of a conspiratorial chuckle I said, "Yes, but don't tell your mother (my wife) yet...we're going to have to work up to it." Well, by December 2018 I'd purchased a 2014 Harley Sportster Superlow XL1200T (touring model), something good to learn on, and a good size for her also. My future plan is to "outgrow" the Sportster and buy something larger so she can take the Sportster as her primary vehicle. (And as she reminds me, I'm not very good at sharing.)

Since December 2018 I've put about 5,000 miles on it in about 9 months with my longest trip around 1,200 miles round trip from the D/FW area to Cimarron, NM. I'm still a pretty fair-weather rider, but will commute cross-town to work 1-2 days a week when my schedule permits.

I've got visions of great rides in my future...and my wife has now softened up to the idea...a little. I'm in my 50's, and am a pretty conservative/cautious rider (I know I'm not immortal, and also assume other drivers can't see me), and am not opposed to turning a wrench when needed - I'm pretty good with 4-wheeled vehicles, but motorcycles are a new animal to me.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and experiences. Looking forward to the ride!

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Excellent! Keep encouraging your daughter.
We need more young people in the hobby.
And welcome to the forum!

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