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Not to be a dead horse.. but..

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So I realize that this question has pretty much been beaten to death but I haven't really found advice for my situation.. :confused:

Everything I've read has told me to get a 500 ninja as a newb rider (which I am) but I don't want a sport bike.. I get that a Kawasaki Ninja is great for a beginner, but I have absolutely no desire to be hunched over that severely.

I'm looking for something that can be driven to work (45mins each way) and comfortable enough to be taken on weekend trips. Or at least won't make me want to be run over by a semi just so I can lie straight on the pavement.. It'd be nice to have something a little more on the forgiving side since I'm sure I'll be messing up while I'm learning. Used of course, under $10,000. Am I just dreaming that this can happen with a starter bike?

Does year matter? I was surprised to notice that some bikes from the 80's and 90's were suggested. Also is it an ok idea to get something higher than a 500 if I'm looking at something that isn't a sport bike?

Also in case it matters I'm a woman, 22, nearly 6 ft tall and 180#.

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Thanks everyone for the replies I appreciate them!! I do have some concerns about the nighthawks braking, some of the reviews I've seen have said they aren't the best.. but everything else about it seems great. hmm.
I doubt they are weak to the point of being unsafe; the reviewers are probably just dogging the Nighthawk's brakes in comparison to other bikes. As a newbie, they'll probably feel great right up until you ride something else. ;)

I can't imagine any disk brake in good repair being dangerously weak, unless you don't have a lot of grip strength in your hand.
My husband who is also 6', 180lbs rides a Ninja 250. He chose the bike because he does have back issues and found it to be more comfortable with its semi upright postion than some of the other sport bikes out there.
The Vulcan 500 would be a good compromise. Get the performance of the Ninja 500 with the layout/comfort of a cruiser.
V Star 650

Did I not hear someone suggest a Yamaha V Star 650? Suzuki S-40? Kawasaki Vulcan 500? Honda 600 Shadow?

For 750-800 there is Honda's Shadow, and Suzuki's M-50 and C-50s
Also is it an ok idea to get something higher than a 500 if I'm looking at something that isn't a sport bike?

Correct. A 600cc sport bike is a very powerful machine. High revving, high horsepower inline 4 cylinders.

Another engine configuration such as a vtwin, despite being more tame and easily ridden.

For reference I ride a 1736cc vtwin.....despite being 3 times bigger than a 600cc sport bike is VERY tame in the power dept. In fact my 1736cc vtwin is more akin to a 250cc Ninja in performance.
Yup, the power and torque is quite a bit different in the larger engine cruisers versus the supersports. So while a 650 cruiser wouldn't be a bad choice for a first bike for a taller rider, a 600cc supersport is a bad choice all around for a first time rider.
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