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Being 6'2" myself, the only persons that I would recommend a Shadow or equivalent to are "altitude impaired". I.E. Under 5' 8".
They are all VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and even DANGEROUS to ride for a taller person.

I agree with Sky, she stated she is 6ft and 180lbs. Many women and shorter men have the problem of putting both feet flat on the ground while stopped; which is extremely important for a rookie rider. At 6 foot she will have the problem of the bike not being big enough for her, being hunched up on the pegs and the bars to close.

My suggestion would be to do a lot of internet reading and find the type bike she wants; cruiser, standard, sport, duel sport, bober, sport touring, (I would not recommend full touring for a rookie because you really need experience to ride a half ton bike). I also agree to stay away from a Harley (not bashing them, I own a Geezer Glide Ultra Classic) but a Harley is heavier than most, and very expensive (even used) not a good bike to learn on.

But after she has decided what type bike she wants, then she should go to a bunch of dealers and try that type on for size. There are many manufactures which produce similar "type" bikes but the ergonomics are all a bit different, i.e. for taller or shorter folks. Find one that is fits right and is comfortable, light, not to powerful, and cheap. Quite often rookie riders will gain the experience they need and want to upgrade after a season or two. In addition, rookie riders are very likely to drop their bike in a parking lot, lawn, intersection... or worse at speed... not much sense in spending many thousands of dollars on a bike to learn on knowing it will likely get dropped a few times. Above all else make sure you take the safety course, learn from the professionals before you pick up bad riding habits that take years to correct
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