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Non Mechanically Minded Female Rider Question

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Sorry, this is probably a dumb question… Please don’t flame me
I’ve been riding a while but not mechanically minded at all. I just brought a new KTM 890 which is great. I’m still running it in so trying to do everything right.

Today, for some reason, I totally forgot I was in 1st gear (brain fart) at a traffic light and just let my hand off the clutch. The bike lurched a bit and then stalled out. I actually have a bad left shoulder so it yanked on my shoulder a bit which probably made it feel worse.

The bike was at operating temperature and at idle. My question - Is there any risk of damage to the clutch or transmission in the scenario? I know it was basically a stall, but usually, in a stall, you wouldn’t just release the clutch all at once.

TIA - Lilly.
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My number one word for motorcycles is being proactive. You can't drive like a cager. One time it either saved me from serious injury or death plain and simple.
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Wise words indeed .
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