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no triumph riders???

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What there are no Triumph riders out there?
The new stuff is great and innovative as well.
Check them out. :)
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I like the new Tiger, as well as the Sprint ST. I always like the Trophy also, sorry that they don't offer it anymore.
Oh yeah....we're out here along with the ol' Beezers, Snortin Nortons, and
Vincents. The British invasion of the 50's left a long and impressionable mark on the American motorcycle market. It's good to see that at least Triumph has survived the Asian invasion and is still building a solid machine.
If I were in the market for a new bike it would definitely be a Bonneville. I love how they look just like the old ones. There were a couple old British bikes at this car show I went to yesterday and I thought they were really awesome.
Ditto. I'd love to have a new Bonneville. I currently have a '02 Sprint ST in BRG. It's been a great ride for me, I just turned over 38K on it today. Hoping to take it cross country next year.
07 America

I ride a Blue & White 07 America and love it. Althought I just go it and only have about 300 miles on it so far. I had a 69 Tiger 650 in a previous life time. I found this site looking for a bb to inquire if any on knows whether or not the Kuryakyn Gran-ThrowOver Saddlebags
would fit on an America - well.........
I like the Speed Tripple, the bug eyed freak.
No idea about the 'bags brother. Usually the universal jobbies fit ok on most bikes.
Ummm...was that supposed to be a statement of some kind? Does it mean something?
Ahhhh....just the neighborhood troll. Nothin to worry about.;)
He won't be here much longer.
Good. I've only been here for a few hours and he is already gettin on my nurves.

Semper Fidelis

Nulli Secunda

I bought a HD 883 Low myself because of fit. I love the new Triumph Bonneville black, my boss bought one in the spring of 07. Was really thinking hard about buying one but was just a little too tall for me (only 5'5) and really like to ride on bike that I can stand flat footed on. But boy are the Bonnevilles and Americas handsome machines!!
Yip I ride a Speedmaster and love it. Road a Bonneville in the 70’s and loved that as well. Sorry can’t post a pic yet as I am still to new here :confused:
I like the Speed Tripple, the bug eyed freak.
This thing looks like they forgot to design and install the rest of the plastic. I actually saw one of these at the gas station a while back and I honestly thought that the guy had it half taken apart for doing some work, so naturally I asked what kind of problem he was having with it. I think I kinda offended the guy.completly unintentional but still.
Just stumbled across your forum and found this thread that cyber medicates people with a Triumph disorder. so wheres the nurse? Is she hot?
I'm struggling with the infliction. A 95 Daytona has been with me since new, and in Feb I noticed a new Scrambler had taken hold.
Is there any help for me?


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In a word...NO. It's kinda like herpes, you will always have some degree of the affliction with the occasional outbreak here and there from which you will never Triumph. I too have suffered from this affliction since the early 70's ( the bikes not herpes) despite multiple therapy sessions of H-D, all the Jap imports and a few German and Italian ones, I now know that I must accept the Britt in me.
I was just at the dealership today gettin' some work done on my ST. I hadda glance at the Bonnevilles, and they were all marked down for a Fall sale. The basic 2-tone Bonnie w/black engine was $6500. I almost asked what would the out-the-door price be, but then I decided it would be a better idea to not ask. I noticed the other bike I've had my eye on, a Ducati GT1000, was also on sale...only $9200. Ahhh...maybe not today. I did swing my leg over it again though...started to get warm in there and I was perspiring. Got the heck outta there, fast!
Whew!!! Sounds like a close call buddy.
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