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No tick over

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Hi all just joined the forum.
I have just bought a Honda sgx50 sky.
I know it's not really a motorbike, but I bought it for my grandson. It has been standing for about 8 years. We fitted a new battery and got most thing going. Then we came to the engine.
It will start after a fashion. If I remove the spark plug and pour a little petrol directly in to the pot it will start. But only wants to run a full revs. We removed the air filter and if I choke it with my hand over the air intake on the carb, it will still start but still runs only at full revs. We have had the carb off and cleaned both the main jet and idle jet also sprayed carb cleaner up both main and pilot jet channels and they seem to be clear..
I have played with the mixture screws but to no avail. It will only run with the screws fully turned in or nearly all the way in, so that it is running at full revs.
Has anyone any ideas. All the best to all Nubsey
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