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Hello cmonSTART,

Same here by half! or something like that, When I bought a new Honda Scrambler 360 I did not need to be a mechanic, as long as I had it, it ran great, and for that I was and am glad, had it been otherwise, I may not have gotten back into motorcycles some 40 yrs later.

That having been said though, I am just as content with my pre-owned 91Sporty, I saw her on the Harley used bike net and liking what I saw, I went in the next day and put a C note on her to hold while I sold some stock, Thanks Verizon ! I leaned more about motorcycles by having to work on mine at times and figure things out, an ya know something? I still liked it a lot, sure the old gal needed work, when I got her from the dealer who never bothered to do even the simplest of things like topping off the electrolyte in the battery, putting in an ignition switch so the key could only be taken out in the off position, talking to others and finding out how to test for a leak at the intake manifold, how to tell if the stator is good and tracing a circuit. I tell ya, motorcycling is or can be much more than riding. I found out the hard way when you have an old dyna spark advance with flyweights, it must be properly greased every 2K miles, had I known it, I would have greased it, when it goes, ignition timing is gone an all you get is back-fire.BUT I learned what to do about it and how to avoid that sort of trouble. In short I have had 50,000 great miles in rides and only a small amount of trouble, I learned more about bike engines and had great rides so it is all good.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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