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I am a new bike owner and have no knowledge of bike repair but I want to fix it up myself, so here is the problem.

I got a Honda FT500 Ascott 1983, when I got it I was getting power but just a click when I tried to start it, so I got the battery tested and charged it myself. Once done I was getting plenty of cranking power but it did not want to start, found out the spark plug was bad so I replaced it and I was getting spark, but still would not turn over so I checked the petcock, fuel was not flowing through it so I unhooked the vacuum line off and tried to suck through it to get gas and nothing but I could blow through it and could hear it hitting the gas.

OKAY now the problem starts, I was still getting power but the batter was low so I took it to an auto parts store and had them do a complete charge on it, it was fully charged and tested perfectly in a few auto parts stores...I got it home and hooked it up and turned the key and nothing! no power, no lights, nothing when I push the start button either, so I was told it could be a faulty kill switch since I did turn it off and on a few times. So I took it apart and cut the wires and wired them together but still no power. I used a test light hooked to the negative to check power on the wires on the back of the ignition switch and they all light up the tester when the key is on, when i turn it off the tester goes out. I also left the light on and unplugged the connector that went into the batter fuse box and sure enough the light went out.

I am stumped, I have no idea which way to go now.....any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you

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