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Hello there, No power and there are 4 wires from starter relay? I'd say 2 are quite heavy, 1 from Battery to starter relay and 1 heavy wire from relay to Starter motor, a medium size wire from Battery to power everything and a skinny wire that closes starter relay ( when you thumb the starter switch ) to send power to the starter. It could be the inside of the fuse block is pitted an corroded, that happened to my 98 Ford pick-up and I wasn't getting power to brake lights, I mean as you said, you checked fuses and btw if u see a fuse all blackened, it was a 'short circuit, if not blackened and u see the lead link opened or with a gap, it opened on overload. I'd check with a voltmeter negative to frame of bike and with sharp probe of meter, see if there is 12 volts+ in fuse block.

It just dawned on me as I was taking my pug out 4 his evening business, One wire from starter relay most likely goes to the ignition switch, THEN to the fuse block, make sure switch is good by either doing a continuity test or by seeing if voltage is present at least on 1 side of the switch and with ignition on you should have 12 volts + on both sides, then check to see if there is 12 volts+ on one of two slots for every fuse, example2 fuses 1 main, 1 for accessories so four slots, one slot ( if using buss type fuses with spade lugs ) of main should have 12 v+ on it and 1 for accessories should also have 12v+ on it DO NOT use a heavier fuse than what should be labeled, other wise more troubles than ever !

You might want to get a service manual, Clymer is pretty good, and it will or should have wiring diagram. feel free to send a personal message if u need more help.

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