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Ninja 250cc or 500cc -- and questions about bikes

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I'm looking for my first bike.
Ninja 250cc -- 3000 miles, $1500
Ninja 500cc -- 16000 miles, $1750

I'm probably going to be riding with my girlfriend sitting behind me pretty often... If I weigh 150 + gear + 105 girlfriend + gear, how well is a 250cc going to drag my ass through highway traffic? I've heard that people switch from 250cc's because it just isn't powerful enough, especially with other riders. True?
Furthermore, I'm told ninja 250cc is a high-rev bike. I don't want to screw up an engine as a newbie, nor be the loudest most obnoxious ******* on the block.

Ninja 500c on the other hand has 16000 miles on it, how much longer will this baby live if I get it now? And is it dangerous to get a 500cc as my first bike?
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A 250 can haul you 2 around in traffic ok. The 500 would also do it. I have a 500 Ninja and it hauls me around real good and I weigh about 230. They both are good starter bikes. Properly maintained 16,000 isn't that bad, if it was properly maintained.
Like, what exactly do you want to know? If I were you , might as well find a 500 if you're going to haul your girlfriend around. One thing though, there ain't a whole bunch of room on the 500 and a little less on the 250. The 250 for $1500 doen't sound like a bad deal if it's in good shape. It will haul you both around ok but the 500 would be better. If you could get the 500 for less and it was taken care of that would be good.
I dunno, I just see so many jumping from 250's to 500's or higher after a couple months and I don't want to have to be in that position.
I need to maneuver freely through urban, suburban, and highway traffic. I need to be able to cruise easily at 75 but go as high as 85 or 90 when trying to pass someone or get out of their way.

What I mean is like, when I'm driving my car alone I can get to 85 easily, I can maneuver and accelerate and brake with ease. When I get 4 people in my car, I reach 85 -eventually-, acceleration is dirt slow, as is my maneuvering.
I do not want the latter situation.

I just figure if so many people switch to 500's after a few months, there's gotta be a reason.
Go with the 500 then. Mine will cruise 75 easy with my big ass on it at 230 some pounds. I can out accelerate most cars on the road easy. It slows pretty quick too when you use both brakes, which you should do when stopping straight. Some folks stick with a 250, they have no trouble doing highway speeds either.
If you are going to do alot of 2 up riding the 500 is the better choice. 16k miles is nothing for the 500, maintained well with good oil they will last near 75k miles and even then rings cam chains and such is about all they need. Go to and you will learn alot! I got around 60mpg with mine.
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