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Ninja 200/150?

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I ran across these ninja 200 and 150s. I don't wish to post a link or anything b/c that might be considered as spaming, but if you do a quick google search you can find them. The thing is, they are only around $1500 for brand new, which is really inexpensive for a new bike.

So my question is; Has anyone had any experiences or currently owns any of the 200 or 150s. If so, please share your thought.

ps: I know these ninjas are not under Kawasaki, but it's the closest topic for posting them :)
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I would avoid them. Where are you going to get parts or service for them when they break? You can't just stroll down to the fake Ninja dealer and buy parts.
yeah thats a good point. Probably should just get a used Ninja 250 for the same price.
Would you really want anything smaller than a 250? A friend of mine bought a 250 Rebel. He just wanted something small to tool around town on. After about 2 months he started wishing he had bought something a little bigger.
actually, this would be my first bike so a 250 would be safer for me, at least thats what I was told.
Either the 250 or even the 500 as long as you stay sensable.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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