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Nice Jacket

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Can any one tell me what they think a good jacket would be, nice comftorable casual fit with a spine guard built in. Im having a hard time finding a casual jacket with the spine guard. It has to allow good airflow too because I live in Florida, but if some one has a nice jacket and knows through experiece of one and could give me a sugestion that would be nice. TY.
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I picked up a nice armored mesh jacket off of eBay, try there. Just sraech for 'motorcycle jacket armor'.
Have you considered just buying a back protector? Then you can get whatever jacket you want. ;)
Take a look at . Look at the Closeouts and bargain basement in particular. You can also sign up to receive emails from them when they have specials. They have some great deals, and are good to deal with.
I have a Coretech air-jacket with armor on the elbows, shoulders, and back. It gets very hot here in Miss. and this is the coolest jacket I could find with armor. I got mine from a local bike shop for about $140 or so.
yeah i just noticed most icon jackets have back armor too just dont list it in the specs, i was looking at the hooligan ux by icon and wondered if neone else owns this jacket and could tell me how it is bc i live in fl and it gets very hot. other wise i might take a look at the coretech u mentioned.
yea anything with armor in the title will save your arse in a slide!
Yeah I finally ordered an Icon Hooligan UX jacket, i like it really comftorable and light.
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