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As my VROD looks likely to be written off I am looking for something to replace it, I am planning to buy a brand new street Bob, so the other bike will need to fit these criteria

1. Be able to handle a British winter.
2. Not to tall I am quite short.
3. A good work bike
4. A good touring, fun bike
5. Be 750cc or over.
6. Reliable

What I am looking at the moment


CB900F Hornet (cheap and cheerful-slow and dull)


Z750 (apparently very bad brakes and dodgy build quality)



They are not going to be new, but I should have a good amount of money to spend.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

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I always own a Harley Davidson and something else, I usually use the Harley Davidson for club stuff and for the good weather riding, and always have a back up do it all bike.

I love Triumphs the problem is they are quite tall and big, I am quite short legged, but have had a speed four and a speed triple in the past.
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