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Newbie in the house

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Hi guys! Been a while since I've been on a bike and a forum so I thought I'd check yours out. I am an empty nester who started riding late in life. It all began with an '02 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 back in '02. By the end of the summer I figured out that I wanted something bigger and more comfortable if I wanted my better half to ride with me, so we traded up to an '02 Honda GoldWing. We kept that for a few years but never really rode it like I wanted to, my wife didn't want to take any rode trips, and we just moved into a townhome so I got ride of the Wing since I had limited garage space and it was too much bike for bombing around town. So I went bike less for a year, drove me nuts, and finally picked up a little bike earlier this month, an '07 Yamaha 650 V-Star Classic. It's not a GoldWing, but it fits in the garage and it's great for getting back and forth to work or running short errands with the wife.

Anyone else here from the Minneapolis area?
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Hi newbie, I live in Eagan, Mn., I am about your age, and I have a large garage and I can't get a car in it. The V-Star is a nice ride, I have only ridden one of the bigger ones and liked it alot.

Right now I have two bikes a 1981 Honda CB750C, and a 1979 Yamaha XS1100 Special. I like the older bikes and enjoy working on them. I like working on older muscle cars also.

Welcome to the Forum.
Im not in the Minneapolis area myself but I have family there, it's amazing! I'm hoping to take a road trip on my '85 CB650SC Nighthawk next summer. :)
I don't live their either, but I dated a girl from St.Paul one summer,...when she was down here in S.W.Missouri ofcorse. (;^) Boy! That was a looooooong time ago. I shouldn't be thinkin' about that.

Nighthawk, I lived in Virginia Beach when I was in the sevice, I loved it there but that was 35 years ago, a lot has changed I bet. I wonder if they could still arrest me for those parking tickets I got the night before I left, lol.:D
Thanks for the warm wishes and it's nice to know I have someone in the area. esspee51, we pretty much live on the opposite ends of town, I live in Brooklyn Park, so it looks like I have the North end of town covered and you the South...
Yeah it has changed a lot i could imagine. Its alright, i guess, the crime rate is the highest in hampton roads, atm though :/
Hello rossjr. I also went from a bigger bike, an 1100, to a smaller bike, a 500. I love it.
I took a group to Mall of America in June, does that count?
I took a group to Mall of America in June, does that count?
Only if you did it on Motorcycle. That be a heck of ride... Hope you had big saddle bags to carry everything back...:D
Bike rides in MN if you're interested

Hey, we are a dealership in Stillwater, proabably a half hour from you, but if you are looking for people to ride with, come out for some of our rides, you'll meet tons of people and we have a great time! We have a dinner ride the 4th Wednesday of every month(until its too cold:p) we leave at 6:30 tonight, you should come join us!:D

Century Power
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