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Hey gang,

I put a windshield on my ride today. I鈥檓 a little perplexed. While it has overall reduced wind against me, it seems to be causing a strange high frequency vibration that effects my head. I assume that is the turbulence coming over the top of the windshield?

So I鈥檓 wondering, is this a normal problem? Is there a fix? I will include a couple pictures.
Sorry for the sideways picture, not sure how to remedy that.


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You may have to do it several times until you get it the way you want
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As air breaks over the top of a windshield a zone of turbulence is created. When that zone coincides with where your head is, you get the phenomenon you are having, called buffeting. The solution is to redirect the airflow to either raise the turbulence above your head or lower it so that your head is in clear, undisturbed air. Raising/lowering the windshield or changing the angle may help. On some bikes, adding "lowers", small "windshields" that fit below the main windshield on the front forks, helps. It's all sort of by trial and error, but it helps to visualize what's happening and then try different things until you -- hopefully -- find the solution. In the case of my Suzuki C50 I raised the windshield to its highest, make the angle more straight-up, and added lowers before I got a satisfactory arrangement. Buffeting begins to return when I exceed 80 mph, but that is rare for me.
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