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Hello everyone. I am new to this site and new to riding. I have been wanting to own and ride motorcycles since I was young but was always told I would kill myself. Now that I am older I feel I am finally responsible enough to own a bike! Anyways I am thinking of getting a cruiser. A Honda Shadow Phantom to be more precise. I have already went to several shops and found the Phantom is not only the most comfortable for me but being a shorter rider 5'5" I can flat foot this one. Anyways I had a couple questions about one I have my eye on in particular.

1) it' a 2014 so it's an older/used model but I didn't want to spend too much on my first bike if I outgrow it or maybe decide I really don't have as much free time as I thought
2) It's out of state so I would have to pay to have it shipped
3) After inspecting it, the dealer told me the odometer glass was broken and he would replace it but when I got it the meter would read 0
4) I have not inspected the bike in person
5) it has several after market add-ons I don't care about

The price of the bike with shipping is right at 5k

So, I guess the obvious questions would be

1) Is this a good deal?
2) Should I buy it sight unseen?
3) should I have them replace the odometer?
4) What am I missing if anything and possibly not asking the dealer?


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We are friendly here. Well, some of us:grin:

I would never buy anything sight unseen. But that's me. For $5K I
would think you could find something closer to home that you fit.
But if you just have to have a Python, you might have to go this
route and just deal with whatever you get. But I'd think long and
hard and do everything possible to find something you can actually
touch before I'd gamble with that bike.

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I'd want to sit on it, touch it or at least see it in person.

If you're an inexperienced rider have someone else test ride it. Or at least watch the owner take it for a ride and put it through a few gears.

5k will buy a lot around my neck of the woods when it comes to a used metric bike.

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I was in a bike shop yesterday. There are many bikes that I would like, but after sitting on them, there is no way I would ride one.
The seat on a 400 dual purpose Suzuki is 36 inches off the floor. Scratch that. Some seats are too low. Same again. Some riding positions are all wrong, IMO. Scratch the 701 Husqvarna. Some bikes have single sided swing arms. I do not like them. Some are butt ugly at the back end, like the new 1200 Indian. You need to work on your own list, of what you like and do not like. B4 looking, and then sitting, on potential bikes.

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