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Hi everyone, first time poster, and beginner rider...

I purchased my first bike yesterday, a 2007 Honda VTX 1300 C.. I think I got a good deal. Has 5100 miles, a very nice Mustang custom seat, windshield, Saddlemen saddlebags, battery tender, Cobra tachometer, Cobra paddle footrests for rider and passenger... Paid $4400 OTD. I don't have a M license yet, have to take the class here in Illinois, but I brought a buddy with me who test rode it.

He said that if I didn't buy this bike, he was going to. Said it was the smoothest riding bike he has ever rode. I got on it and it felt like it balanced out really well for me, the seat was extremely comfortable. I normally would not have shelled out that kind of cash on an item that I couldn't test out myself, but I felt good about this one. What do you all think? Fair price?


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