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Been riding now for about 2 months.
i have an 02 Ninja 250cc.
Everyone told me to start small so i did..
NOw im bored with it lol
Too slow from what everyone else has.

Need help...
Yamaha R6 or Kawasaki zx-6r ?
Or others if u guys know of something better...

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Ive put this advice in so many threads now, why not another!!! I recommend the suzuki gs500 if your on a budget and want something thats economical and fun at the same time... If your new to riding and dont want a croch rocket u may kill urself on and is also hard to ride leaning over all the time get a gs500... They are fun bikes, I just got mine and Im falling in love. They can be beat by 600s and such but they are great bikes!! and cheap!!
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