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Hi all, just joined so I could start gathering information on bikes with side cars. Ive ridden street bikes since I was 15 starting with a 1968honda scrambler. I suppose i have had a few years that I didn't own a bike, but sometimes more than one. I generally have something. Im not motorcycle mfg specific. Ive owned a lot of different types and companies. I like almost all of them. but, im at age where my back is starting to be troublesome at times, and im having surgery that may cause a leg to be weaker, not really sure. I never really cared for trikes so Im thinking one last hurrah, and i will set up a bike with a side car so that i dont have to worry about balance to much. however, i have never ridden or owned one of those. Ive looked around locally and found some heritage springer classics with side cars that look promising. i know Urals are used a lot. and gold wings. so I am gonna start perusing the threads and asking questions. oh, i have an m109R right now, had it for about 5 years. its been a great bike but i need to start getting things moving along.
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