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Hi Folks:

My name is Mike and I am from Central Maryland USA. Just found the forum but haven't seen any misfits yet. I am mainly interested in antique motorcycles and currently have three old H-D Sportsters I am working to preserve. A 1982 XLH that is registered and ridden regularly (but never really done). Currently most work is being completed on preserving a 1977 XLH that is modified a bit from OEM. I plan to complete it as is but safe and reliable mechanically. The third is a complete and original 1983 XLH. The 1983 has a fully assembled frame but the previous owner disassembled the engine and then found he couldn't deal with it. I got the 1983 for free with the 1977.

I am always looking for resources to follow the hobby of motorcycles and to learn from others. Very happy to have found the group. I have been involved with one motorcycle forum or another for around 20 years.

You will see my username as ihrescue AKA - Ironhead Rescue


Mike Love
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We are friendly site here. Well, most of us

And thank you for giving us an introduction. We all appreciate it.
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Welcome to the forum, I'm near fort Meade. Central MD? north to south or east to west? :)
Ah! A true biker....three bikes at once!
Welcome to the forum!
Warm welcome from Indiana!
Sounds like you have a good time restoring bikes. Honestly, that sounds fun and a great way to releave stress.
馃 unless you can't find a part then of course I am sure that can be a mess.

Im jealous your able to get a couple of free bike. As a noobie boy I'd love me a free bike.
馃Then again if I have to put it together without any instructions.
I'd be stuck pushing the bike around like a little kids scooter.
I bet that would be a sight to see for a grown man to do. 馃ぃ馃槀

You will run into some misfits but maybe not the ones your thinking of.
Most of them come with a capital A for "Awesome!"
I'm new on here myself and I am sure there might be some bad apples but so far I have lucked out and only stumbled on amazing people and I am totally ok with that. 馃槈

Have a wonderful day and a better tomorrow!
Stay safe and be blessed!馃憡鉁
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Welcome from just south of the Potomac...
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